road trippin'

I’m told it’s fairly normal
to see the moon
hovering overhead
while headlights are off
and the sun still spills
across the sky.
Others confirm
they’ve seen it too.
Who, though, sees
the pin prick of stars
casting ghostly light
across whole galaxies,
while casually on a
too-long lunch break?
Does it take a better eye,
or more imagination?
In the winter I see
more stars than sun,
but the rest of the year
is lonelier, with one
star hogging all
our overheated attention.
Occasionally clouds help
decorate our vast
casting cool shadows
across bright white
Would you call me
crazy, if I cop to
seeing day and night
all at once?
The same scene,
different only
in tone and color?
Before I ask, the
light is green,
pedals head towards
metal, and, before
their hands can
blare a horn,
I resume driving

12.12.2019 / milwaukee, wi