Number 6, Large

In line at a Wendy's.
New! Hot honey chicken biscuit
clearance? nine feet.
Leaves dance against a
background of cloudy skies.
But not puffy white clouds,
not cute bunny shaped clouds,
barely visible clouds…
like cotton candy
before it’s caught
by a stick at the state fair.

The wind whispers silently
to the bits of nature nearby
which responds quite slowly;
the line, however, moves slower.
Red brake lights glow
and idle engines purr
as street traffic flies by;
necks craning to see
"How long’s that line?"
and judge whether they have
the time or the patience.

Speak to a manager
to find out more about
what they have to offer.
Or cool down with
a simply orang…

“Can I take your order?”

06.20.2022 / milwaukee, wi