In 2016, there was a news report about a 15yr old kid breaking the 3x3 world record in a speedcubing event. I was 30 at the time, double that kid's age, and had never learned how to solve one from start to finish. It bugged me.

I immediately ordered a Rubik's brand cube online and when it came, started learning the Beginner Method (aka: Layer By Layer, or LBL). As I dug into that and wanted to figure out how these kids were solving so much faster, I realized there were much smoother cubes out there made by mostly Chinese companies... so I ordered a QiYi Warrior S stickerless 3x3 for cheap. It was non-magnetic, but much easier to use.


🥇 Perfection
🥈 Near Perfect
🥉 Flawed, But Great

Updated: April 28, 2022